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LOCATION: Inside Level 3 of Covetous Dungeon (Trammel), Test Shard

[1:24:30] Pokket:  OK.

[1:24:32] Mesanna:  That way you smack.

[1:24:33] Grakulen:  Mr. Not-so-nice says tell the people to shut up, saying give them the colors if you want.  [indecipherable] says…   [Opens back pack and starts dressing his character.]  Here’s dress #6, by the way.

[1:24:49] Bleak:  So these mobs in here drop loot.

[1:24:54] Grakulen:  Ooh.

[1:24:54] Mesanna:  Yes.

[1:24:57] Grakulen:  So…

[1:24:58] Phoenix:  That area, basically it’s more or less like a classic UO dungeon.  The monsters in this area don’t do anything unusual.  They act pretty much just like an old school dungeon does.

[1:25:25] Bleak:  Hey, Cora’s not here.

[1:25:26] Grakulen:  Test, test.

[1:25:31] Mesanna:  Isn’t she on vacation?

[1:25:32] Pokket:  Oh no.

[1:25:33] Bleak:  She’s on vacation.

[1:25:37] Mesanna:  Dang.


[1:25:44] Phoenix:  You can [indecipherable].

[1:25:45] Pokket:  I’m gonna say oh no, but I’m not dying.  I can’t say that yet.

[1:25:48] Grakulen:  Did you troll us?


[1:25:52] Grakulen:  Trolled by the devs, people.  First time ever.

[1:25:57] Pokket:  Ah dead people already.

[1:26:03] Pokket:  Oh no, I’m gonna…oh…oh…oh my god, I died.  [laughs]

[1:26:07] Grakulen:  I’m just standing here putting my gear on.

[1:26:10] Bleak:  Did you not make it down?  Oh.  I don’t want to go up there.

[1:26:14] Pokket:  Oh, everybody’s dead here.

[1:26:16] Grakulen:  I’m not exactly sure what’s going on.  There we go….

[1:26:21] Bleak:  Oh, there she is.

[Grakulen closes the backback gump and then opens the Atlas gump to figure out where the other party members are.  He is in the last large room before you reach the steps leading down to Cora.]

[1:26:28] Mesanna:  There’s our little lady of pain.

[1:26:33] Grakulen:  How did you get there?

[1:26:35] Kyronix:  Oh no.

[1:26:38] Pokket:  Everyone’s dying around me.  That makes me sad.

[1:26:43] Grakulen:  [Studying map again for a second]  Hey, did you go up like into a different room or something?  Oh…

[1:26:46] [Grakulen’s character is dead for the eighth time.]

[1:26:47] Grakulen:  Oh, I’m dead.  This orc foot soldier just crushed me.

[1:26:50] Pokket:  I just watched you die.  It’s pretty funny.   It’s probably my fault that all the things were right there, but you know what?  I’m outside now.

[1:27:02] Grakulen:  Thank you.

[1:27:04] Pokket:  No, I’m inside.

[1:27:04] Grakulen:  So.  Ow.  I’m just gonna try walking there dead.  Doo doo doo.  You can’t kill me!

[1:27:09] Pokket:  You’re just gonna walk there dead?

LOCATION:  Level 4 of Covetous Dungeon (Trammel), Test Center Shard

[1:27:22] Grakulen:  Was she downstairs?

[1:27:23] Bleak:  Yes.

[1:27:24] Grakulen:  There we go.  Look at this.

[1:27:32] Pokket:  Where am I going?

[1:27:33] Grakulen: Who says you can’t teach on old newb new tricks?  And…there’s a guillotine.  That’s cool.  I don’t see Cora though.  I see corrupted wyverns.

[1:27:48] Mesanna:  Do you see a whole bunch of pets?  [giggles]

[1:27:53] Grakulen:  I see a bunch of alligators and drakes and corrupted wyverns.  And a magma lizard.

[1:27:56] Mesanna:  I think you’re not near Cora at all then.

[Grakulen opens the Atlas gump again for a few seconds.]

[1:28:02] Grakulen:  I’m not, actually.  Where are you?  How did you guys get to where you’re at?

[1:28:07] Phoenix:  We went to the other downstairs.

[1:28:09] Grakulen:  Oh, the other downstairs.  See?!

[1:28:10] Mesanna:  Yeah.

LOCATION:  Level 3 of Covetous Dungeon (Trammel), Test Center Shard

[1:28:11] Grakulen:  I didn’t know there’s another downstairs.

[1:28:17] Bleak:  Oh she’s dropping.

[1:28:18] Grakulen:  You sneaky tricksters.  Where are the other stairs?

[1:28:21] Bleak:  She might go down by the time you get here.

[1:28:25] Mesanna:  Well, you’ve got quite a few people beating on her butt.

[1:28:31] Phoenix:  Bonnie, summon him.

[1:28:34] Grakulen:  Yeah, that’d be nice.

[1:28:36] Mesanna:  I can’t hear you, Mike, at all.

[1:28:38] Grakulen:  Can you summon me?

[1:28:40] Mesanna:  Sure.

[1:28:41] Grakulen:  Thank you.

[1:28:43] Phoenix: Can you hear me now?

[1:28:43] Mesanna:  I can now.

[1:28:43] Grakulen:  Yes.

[1:28:47] Phoenix:  So a small microphone issue.  Sorry.

LOCATION: Level 5 of Covetous Dungeon (Trammel), Test Shard

[1:28:50] Grakulen: There we go.

[1:28:50] Mesanna:  Oh, you’re dead.

[1:28:51] Grakulen:  Exactly.

[1:28:52] Mesanna:  Again.

[1:28:54]:  [Grakulen’s character is resurrected.]

[1:28:54] Grakulen:  Didn’t you hear Pokket?  She took credit for getting me killed.

[1:28:58] Mesanna:  [giggles]

[1:28:58] Pokket:  I know there’s something here that should be dying.  I just can’t see them.

[1:29:02] Grakulen:  Ah, yeah, I can’t even see the person that’s being attacked.

[1:29:08] Mesanna:  Yeah, it’s um…

[1:29:08] Grakulen:  There’s a lot of people on that.

[1:29:10] Mesanna:  Yeah.

[1:29:12] Grakulen:  OK, well.  She’s dying guys.


[1:29:20] Grakulen:  There is a mob there named Cora and I do promise you that she’s being killed.

[1:29:28] Mesanna:  Mike, are you dead?

[1:29:31] Phoenix:  Yes, I’m dead.

[Grakulen opens the backpack gump and starts dressing his character.]

[1:29:35] Mesanna:  Do you want to be alive?

[1:29:37] Pokket:  Ah, let’s see.

[1:29:41] Grakulen:  Decisions, decisions.

[1:29:42] Phoenix:  I’m just hanging around watching at this point.

[1:29:44] Grakulen:  Yeah.

[1:29:46] Bleak:  Oh and she’s down?

[1:29:48] Misk:  Yes she is.

[1:29:49] Mesanna:  Yeah, I just gained a little bit of karma.

[1:29:51] Pokket:  Yay!

[1:29:53] Grakulen:  And a little bit of fame.  Yeah.  I stood here and tried to find her and you guys killed her.  Yeah.

[1:29:58] Pokket:  I just double-clicked everybody.  That wouldn’t have passed in Fel.


[1:30:02] Mesanna:  No.

[1:30:13] Grakulen:  Sweet.

[1:30:26] Pokket: OK, time to go die.  Oh no…oh my god.  I’m not going out there first.  Someone else is going to have to.

[1:30:37] Grakulen:  Someone gave me pants that only elves can wear.  [Closes the backpack gump.]

[1:30:49] Grakulen:  So you’re afraid to go upstairs?

[1:30:51] Pokket:  Ah yeah, go up there first and see.

LOCATION:  Level 3 of Covetus Dungeon (Trammel), Test Shard

[1:30:54] Grakulen:  Oh…ah.  Yes.

[1:30:58] Pokket:  [indecipherable] I wanted to watch.

LOCATION:  Level 5 of Covetous Dungeon (Trammel), Test Shard

[1:30:57] Grakulen:  There’s stuff up there.  Yay!  Oh wow, there was a random fireball.

[1:31:03] Pokket:  Nobody else is going up.

LOCATION:  Level 3 of Covetus Dungeon (Trammel), Test Shard

[1:31:05] Grakulen:  And….ah….nope.

LOCATION:  Level 5 of Covetous Dungeon (Trammel), Test Shard

[1:31:09] Phoenix:  Oh, it’s just a few little undead.

[1:31:10] Grakulen:  I’m just like….one foot up the stairs… foot down the stairs.  Ha ha.

LOCATION:  Level 3 of Covetus Dungeon (Trammel), Test Shard

[1:31:21] Grakulen:  Oh, looks like a lot of people going.  Oh here we go.  I’m attacking ogre foot soldiers as I’m leaving.  Probably not a good idea but we’ll see what happens.

[1:31:42]:  [Grakulen’s character dies for the ninth time.]

[1:31:42] Grakulen:  And I’m dead.

[1:31:53] Pokket:  Did anybody else go up or…oh yeah, I can make a….oh….oh, they’re still attacking me.  Oh no, I can’t get on the other side.   OK, good.

[1:32:07] Mesanna:  [laughs]

[1:32:07] Phoenix:  Somebody’s keyboard sounds like bubble wrap.

[1:32:10] Pokket:  Hope it’s not mine.

[1:32:12] Grakulen:  Somebody’s got a mechanical keyboard or something.

[1:32:15] Bleak:  The main door is locked.

[1:32:17] Grakulen:  That’s because I’m not the only person dying this time.  I’m taking all of the rest of you down with me.  Locking doors.  Keeping you inside.

[1:32:27] Bleak:  Oh, there we go.

[1:32:28] Grakulen:  Keeping you trapped.  No, you cannot get out.

[1:32:34] Bleak:  You can run on out.

[1:32:39] Bleak:  Oh, they dismount.  Oh that’s new.


[1:32:45] Grakulen:  Oh no.

[1:32:47] Bleak:  Oh, made it!  Maybe…

LOCATION:  Outside Level 3 of Covetous Dungeon (Trammel), Test Shard

[1:32:50] Grakulen:  I’m running outside.  Not like I’m scared.  I’m dead.  Not like I’m gonna die again.

[1:32:58] Bleak:  Made it.

[1:32:58] Grakulen:  That makes one of us.  Look at Bleak. [Opens Bleak’s paper doll.] He’s got a regular helmet on.  I’m gonna have to make fun of you because you don’t have a dead animal on your head.  Watch out, a skeleton’s sneaking up on you.

[1:33:16] Mesanna:  Oh god.

[1:33:18] Pokket:  Oh god.  They’re just coming back poisoned and almost dead.  Oh, I’m going.  There’s a dragon here.

[1:33:26] Grakulen:  Someone’s using a typewriter.

[1:33:31] Pokket:  Oh no, now they’re attacking me.  I made it though.  It’s OK.  What is that?  A buffalo?  That looks….what is…?  That is…

[1:33:44] Grakulen:  We had this conversation.

[1:33:45] Misk:  That is a boura.

[1:33:45] Pokket:  I know.  I didn’t know what you were talking about.

[1:33:48] Grakulen:  That’s bourette.  He’s not jut a funny movie.  No, it’s a boura.

[1:33:56] Misk:  It’s a boura.

[1:33:58] Grakulen:  Boura, yeah.  Boura.

[1:34:04] Pokket:  It’s a llama, sir.

[1:34:08] Grakulen:  Can someone rez me?

[1:34:10] Mesanna:  Again?

[1:34:11] Grakulen:  Yes, again.  I thought you promised me lots of death.

[1:34:15] [Grakulen’s character is resurrected.]

[1:34:15] Mesanna:  I did.

[1:34:15] Grakulen:  And now that you’re fulfilling that promise, you’re like, “Again?” like it’s a shock.  I think it was set up from the word go.

[1:34:25] Mesanna:  Are you alive?

[1:34:27] Grakulen: [Opens backback gump and starts dressing his character.] I am alive.

[1:34:29] Mesanna:  Very cool.

[1:34:29] Grakulen: Dress #8 in the bag.

[1:34:33] Mesanna:  Well, I have to say I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t die more.  [giggles]


[1:34:40] Grakulen: That’s because I was a team ninja and I hid in the background.  You can watch the replay later.  I was like, “That’s how I did it.”  Because he just…

[1:34:48] Mesanna:  Oh, OK.

[1:34:49] Grakulen:  I’d run up to something, and like hit it once, and OK, go back here and hide.  Oh yeah.  I think I’ve spent more time getting my clothes back on than anything else at this point.  It’s like all righty, get myself dressed.  Now, if I became more of an advanced player, is there like a macro I could build that would do this for me, like put all my clothes on?

[1:35:16] Mesanna:  Yes.

[1:35:17] Grakulen:  See, there you go.  [Reads from chat panel.]  No, Sunwolf, not half my robes go on the ground.  I put all of my robes in the backpack and you can go back and watch the stream.


[1:35:33] Pokket:  I’m not trolling in game at all.

[1:35:35] Grakulen:  There’s recorded video evidence.

[1:35:56] Pokket:  I’ve been back an hour and I’m trolling already.

[1:35:40] Mesanna:  Well you’re gonna fit right in then.

[1:35:48] Grakulen:  [Reads from chat panel.]  We’re going to need some powder of fort.

[1:35:53] Mesanna:  I’m impressed.

[1:35:56] Pokket:  Wow, you remembered it.   See him?  CM In Pantz needs to die first.  He’s “kill on sight.”  We’re going to Fel.


[1:36:12] Grakulen:  Someone’s trying to hug people.

[1:36:15] Mesanna:  Uh, the naked one.

[1:36:16] Grakulen:  So can we kill him?  Or is this like a non-PK server?

[1:36:21] Mesanna:  Oh, you can’t kill in Tram.  Yeah.  Well, most people can’t kill in Tram.

[1:36:33] Grakulen:  Yes, Ghost of GL, you can see this video later.  So…

[1:36:42] Mesanna:  Thank you everyone for coming out and playing with us though.  It was fun.

[1:36:46] Grakulen:  I had a good time.  Is there anything else that you would like to talk about or show off before we abandon this area?

[1:36:53] Pokket:  Uh oh, red.  Uh oh.

[1:36:55] Grakulen:  Red? Red where?

[1:36:55] Pokket:  It took me two seconds, oh three seconds, to find ‘em.  Two reds, I mean.

[1:36:59] Mesanna:  She’s in Fel.

[1:37:00] Pokket:  Yeah.

[1:37:02] Grakulen:  How did you get somewhere else real quick?  Did you teleport yourself?

[1:37:05] Pokket:  Someone gated me.

[1:37:07] Misk:  See that red moongate?

[1:37:09] Grakulen:  Eh, I gotta run back….  Oh, I see it.

[1:37:13] Mesanna:  You can tell what facet by the moongate’s…

[1:37:18] [The warning sign for entering Fel through a moongate appears because Grakulen clicked on the red moongate.]

[1:37:18] Grakulen:  Felucca, OK.  Here we go.

Go to Part 5:  Wind Maze (Felucca).

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