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LOCATION:  In front of Covetous Dungeon (Trammel), Test Center Shard

[0:10:31] Grakulen:  I do see the Covetous Dungeon one though, so….

[0:10:35] Misk:  It looks like everyone’s going into that now though, so let’s go!

[0:10:38] Pokket:  Uh-oh.

[0:10:40] Grakulen:  There’s a dude with a dragon in here!

[0:10:41] Mesanna:  Yeah, there’s gonna be a lot of dragons, probably.

[0:10:52] Grakulen:  I’d so like to thank everybody that showed up tonight.  We’ve got about  a hundred people watching, so that’s not too bad of a crowd.  I hope you have fun watching us.  And I’m gonna have fun dying!

[0:11:15] Grakulen:  That skill book that I picked up earlier—I’ve still got that.

[0:11:21] Mesanna:  Skill book?

[0:11:22] Grakulen:  Yeah, out of the bank.

LOCATION:  Inside Covetous Dungeon (Trammel), Level 1, Test Center Shard

[The game screen is very dark, primarily illuminated by flames shooting up from the dungeon floor.]

[0:11:26] Mesanna:  You mean the chivalry spell book?

[0:11:28] Grakulen:  Exactly.  [The backpack gump opens.]

[0:11:30] Mesanna: OK, spell book.

[0:11:32] Grakulen: OK, spell book.  I’m sorry.  [The chivalry spell book gump opens.]  Now are these things I should be putting into my hot bar?

[0:11:40] Mesanna:  If you double-click on it, you can close wounds.  Do you see that?

[01:11:44] Grakulen:  Yep.

[0:11:46] Mesanna:  Click on Close Wounds once and then you can pull the picture off to the side if you’re in that, or you can set up a macro on your hot bar if you’re in the EC client. [Grakulen adds the Close Wounds spell to his hot bar and closes the chivalry spell book gump.  He also closes the backpack gump.]  And that way you can just use your macros that way.

[0:12:00] Grakulen:  OK, I got it set to Function 11.

[0:12:06] Mesanna:  I’m not…what…

[0:12:07] Grakulen: They did, Elsie.  The Braves smoked the Cardinals.

[0:12:08] Mesanna:  Why?

[0:12:16] Grakulen: Oh, I was answering someone in the chat room.

[0:12:27] Bleak: Did the party disband?

[0:12:29] Grakulen:  It did.

[0:12:34] Misk: That is due to the problems that I’m having actually inviting people.

[0:12:38]:  [Grakulen’s character dies its first death after stepping on the shooting flames one time too many as he wanders around just inside the entrance.]

[0:12:40] Grakulen:  And….!

[0:12:42] Mesanna:  Somebody else should start a party.

[0:12:43] Kai:  We’re trying to [inaudible].

[0:12:57] Mesanna:  Kai, I’m having a really hard time hearing you.

[0:13:00] Kai:  I’m sorry.  Is this better now?

[0:13:03] Grakulen:  Yeah, Kai.

[0:13:04] Mesanna:  Much better. Thank you.

[A player—SunWolf??–casts Noble Sacrifice and a resurrection gump appears. Grakulen accepts it.]

[0:13:05] Kai:  I thought why don’t we talk a bit about the 15th anniversary that we’re celebrating this year while everyone is getting ready?

[0:13:14]:  [Grakulen’s character is resurrected.]

[0:13:18] Mesanna:  Oh.  What do you want to talk about?  [giggles]

[The User Settings gump appears on the screen and Grakulen changes a setting and then closes the gump. The game screen remains very dark.]

[0:13:22] Kai:  There’s this fantastic story line already going on with several chapters on the web page.

[0:13:30] Mesanna:  Right.

[01:13:31] Kai:  Is there something we can already see in-game?

[0:13:33] Mesanna:  No.  [giggles]  This is…it’s gonna lay out pretty well as it goes, but we don’t really want to give anything away.

[0:13:46] Kai:  But we have that land and we don’t want to tease anything…?


[0:13:54] Mesanna:  I know that sounds really mysterious, but if I say anything, it’s going to just give it away.  So I’d rather kind of keep my mouth shut on it.

[0:14:02] Kai: Make sure to keep an eye on the Herald.  We have fantastic story lines written by the EM team.  And maybe you’ll get a hint.

[0:14:13] Mesanna:  I would like to say that this whole event was written by the EMs.  So, I’m sure you’ve seen some differences from the past global events that we’ve done.  This is their first attempt at realizing what it takes to do a whole arc like this.

[Grakulen clicks on his corpse and all his gear is automatically restored to his paper doll. His death robe falls to the ground.]

[0:14:30] Grakulen:  That’s really awesome.  Do you want to go ahead and explain what the “EM” actually is?

[0:14:35] Mesanna:  Sure.  Right now we have almost 36 EMs. [Grakulen opens the skill gump, looks at various pages, hovers the mouse pointer over some icons, and then closes it. He has these skills set: 120 Chivalry, 100 Resisting Spells, 120 Anatomy, 120 Parrying, 120 Swordsmanship, 120 Tactics. ] It’s a program where players from the shards (not the shards they play on, of course) contract with us and they put up events for everybody else to enjoy the game.  What’s really great about it is that everyone who’s an EM has played the game for a long time, so they know what they like to do as a player, so it really helps a whole lot.  We’ve had some very interesting events going on. [Grakulen’s mouse pointer hovers over the rest of the buttons on the desktop and clicks the other tabs on the paper doll.] So far, we’re working on our fourth year.  We’ve been doing pretty good, I think.

[0:15:23] Grakulen:  I see you.  I was concerned.  I thought I was left alone.  Had a harpy, I believe, that killed me.   And I found you.  No, I just think it’s very interesting that you have EMs, which are kind of like a cross-breed between….you know, they’re people who’ve come out of the gaming community itself and they’re not Mythic employees at this point, are they?  They’re still basically volunteer positions?

[0:15:52] Mesanna:  No, it’s not a volunteer position.

[0:15:53] Grakulen:  Oh, it’s not?

[0:15:54] Mesanna:  They have to get paid a little bit because they put in so much time.  They deserve more than what they get, actually.  But, they get paid a little bit, just to let them know that we do appreciate their time.

[0:16:05] Grakulen:  OK.

[0:16:06] Kai:  But they are recruited from the community, so they know Ultima inside and out.

[0:16:13] Grakulen: I think that’s very unique to the Ultima experience, since you have something like an EM, because you don’t really see that a whole lot in other MMOs.

[0:16:22] Mesanna:  I don’t think you really…we used to have them a long time ago, the Seer program and the Counselors, which were volunteers.  But we’re not allowed to have volunteers any longer.

[0:16:35] Grakulen:  [Looks at the chat panel.]  They’re telling me that I need “night sight.”

[0:16:41] Mesanna:  OK.

[0:16:48] Grakulen:  There we go.

[0:16:49] Mesanna:  Better?

[0:16:49] Grakulen:  Yeah, because now they can see.  They couldn’t see anything on the screen other than like a black Grakulen.

[0:17:04] Kai:  Yep, that improved it a lot.

[0:17:07] Pokket:  Did you all already work on insurance and stuff?

[0:17:14] Grakulen:  See, look at Pokket getting all advanced on us with talking about insurance and things like that.  I’m still trying to figure out how to set up skills in a hot bar and she wants to know how she doesn’t get her gear ganked when someone kills her.

[0:17:25] Mesanna:  Make sure you left-click on your character in game and do Open Insurance menu and click on everything.

[Grakulen opens the insurance gump and clicks on all the boxes.  His total insurance cost is 7182 gold.]

[0:17:57] Kai:  Can you tell us why we picked this dungeon?

[0:18:02] Mesanna:  Sure I can.  This is the dungeon that we’re actually putting out this publish that will go out to everybody this week or next week, I’m sorry.  Next week.

[0:18:14] Grakulen:  What’s the name of this dungeon?

[0:18:16] Mesanna:  This is Covetous.

[0:18:18] Grakulen: OK.

[0:18:19] Mesanna:  What we started doing is we realized that UO is an older game and we also realized that a lot of the things about UO are outdated because they haven’t been touched since the very beginning.  So we started revamping dungeons and we’ve done two of them.  This is our third one and every time, we seem to get better and better at it, I think.  So we’ll see.  I hope players like it.  Phoenix, or Mike Moore, is the one responsible for this design and I’m sure he can tell you a little bit more.

[0:18:58] Grakulen:  OK.

[0:19:01] Phoenix:  Well, this area that we’re in right now is level 1, the very beginning of it.  There’s not much in here that’s aggressive.  It’s supposed to be very easy.  It’s intended for people to be able to farm feathers from the harpies, maybe pick up a few gemstones in here.  The monsters in here do…  Oop, and then you moved us.   OK, so are we just going to go straight into the next part?

[0:19:37] Mesanna:  Actually I was trying to get somebody else.  Sorry.

[0:19:46] Grakulen:  I’m following Boladex.  I just hope he knows where he’s going.

[0:19:52] Phoenix:  Yeah, I don’t know.

[0:19:55] Grakulen:  There’s JC.

LOCATION:  Between levels 1 and 2 of Covetous (Trammel) on Test Center shard

[0:19:59] Grakulen:  And I’m in a different….  Oh, I ran out of the instance.

[0:20:03] Phoenix:  OK, well, the part we just saw, level 1, easy mode.  You can go and train up some skills.  You can farm the harpies to get feathers, and that’s about it.

LOCATION:  Near the remote exit of level 1 of Covetous (Trammel) on Test Center shard

[0:20:19] Phoenix:  Although the monsters in here do some interesting things that others generally don’t do.

[0:20:28] Grakulen:  OK.   It appears that I got a little ahead of you, either that or my instance decided to respawn itself with spiders.

[0:20:40] Phoenix:  Spiders?

[0:20:41] Grakulen:  Yep, got all kinds of…it says, “a strange gazer.”  I guess maybe they’re not spiders.

[0:20:47] Phoenix:  OK, you’re near the end.  Come on out.  If you just keep on going.

[0:20:56] Grakulen:  I think they…there we go.  I couldn’t get around that one.  I was colliding against it.

[0:21:03] Phoenix:  Yeah, there we go.

LOCATION:  Between levels 1 and 2 of Covetous (Trammel) on Test Center shard

[0:21:05] Phoenix:  All right.  So this is the area between level 1 and level 2.

[0:21:16] Grakulen:  I see you, Kyronix.

[0:21:29] Phoenix:  All right, we’re going to move on?

[0:21:33] Pokket:  Yeah, let’s go.

[0:21:33] Grakulen:  All right.

[0:21:40] Grakulen:  I think we’re missing Pokket still.

[0:21:43] Pokket:  Yeah, you are.

[0:21:46] Mesanna:  Where are you at, Pokket?

[0:21:47] Pokket:  Getting arrows.

[0:21:50] Mesanna:  Oh.  Let me know when…

[0:21:53] Grakulen:  Do we have two groups going, or how many people?  What’s the max group size?

[0:22:04] Phoenix:  I don’t think anybody….  Did anybody ever get a party going?

[0:22:08] Grakulen:  Yeah, Bleak started a group.

[0:22:11] Bleak:  Yeah, I’m trying to invite people now.   What’s your name?

[0:22:22] Mesanna:  By the way, there’s only ten in a party.

[0:22:25] Grakulen:  OK.

[0:22:27] Phoenix:  Mine is Bitral.

[0:22:30] Mesanna:  Pokket, I will pull you here and then get back out of mode once you’re ready.

[0:22:38] Pokket:  Oh, no!   OK, go ahead.

[0:22:43] Mesanna:  No, take your time.  Did you get your arrows?

[0:22:46] Pokket:  Yeah, I just got ‘em.

[0:22:52] Grakulen:  I’m trying to mountain climb to kill the ogres, people, but it’s not letting me kill it, Garland.  I apologize.  I’ve failed you.  I’m sorry.

[0:23:02] Pokket:  Did I just go in the right thing?  I don’t know.  [laughs]

[0:23:10] Grakulen:  Save Pokket and Giggles.   I don’t think Giggles is making a guest appearance tonight, but you never know.

[0:23:17] Mesanna:  Who’s Giggles?

[0:23:19] Pokket:  My cat.

[0:23:23] Grakulen:  Giggles is a legend on the MMORPG internets.

[0:23:36] Grakulen:  Oh, they’re putting a bounty on your head!

[0:23:40] Mesanna:  [laughs]  Did you spell your character P-O-K-K-E-T?

[0:23:44] Pokket:  Yeah.

[0:23:47] Mesanna:  Hmm.

[0:24:02] Mesanna:  It helps to turn on the client.

[0:24:23] Pokket:  You want to get me killed.  Oh, that’s horrible.

[0:24:27] Grakulen:  I don’t know that they want you killed as much as they want Mesanna killed.

[0:24:32] Pokket:  Oh, OK.

[0:24:33] Mesanna:  Seriously?  Oh, that’s going to cost them big-time.

[0:24:37] Pokket:  I’m OK with that.

[0:24:38] Grakulen:  They’re putting five million on your head.

[0:24:41] Pokket:  I’m gonna go see how much damage they’ll do.

[0:24:41] Mesanna:  That’s cheap.  You guys have got more money than that.  Come on.

[0:24:44] Bleak:  Pokket, are you still on a “young player”?

[0:24:47] Pokket:  Oh, I think so.  Is it like, “I revoke my young status” or something?  What is it?

[0:24:55] Misk: “I renounce my young player status.”

[0:25:05] Pokket:   It didn’t say anything, so maybe I’m…

[0:25:10] Mesanna:  You should get a gump that comes up and says yes, I really want to do this.

[0:25:36] Grakulen:  Apparently they’re saying there’s no “my.”  It’s just, “I renounce young player status.”

[0:25:41] Pokket:  Oh, OK.

[0:25:47] Grakulen:  Someone said you’re worth about five billion.

[0:25:53] Mesanna:  Oh, that’s sweet.  I’ll try not to kill you next time.

[0:25:59] Grakulen:  And then there’s someone that’s naked.  Oh no, they’re in a bikini.  Imbuee.  They promise to protect you.

[0:26:06] Pokket:  Oh my gosh.  Oh there, it must have worked because I’m attacking stuff now.

[0:26:10] Bleak:  OK, where are you?  Are you in the dungeon already?

[0:26:12] Pokket:  Oh no.  Yeah.  Go away.  [laughs]  Oh, they’re doing a lot of damage.

[0:26:17] Grakulen:  Thanks for the compliment, All Star.   I appreciate it.

[0:26:29] Mesanna:  Well they’ve already started the encounter.  We might as well go in.

[0:26:39] Grakulen:  What did I type?   “You have chosen to renounce your young player status.”  It says, “I renounce my young player status.”  You should get a command.

[0:26:41] Pokket:  No “my.”

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